Shed in Sell to Torino - code 1796

Mirafiori nord - Strada Del Drosso,165
1.400sm - € 499.000
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A few hundred meters from the Turin-South ring-road entrance - Exit Stupinigi, a beautiful industrial building with offices, laboratories, warehouses, show-room area is offered for sale. It is composed in the basement (-1) warehouse of 350 square meters. and central heating, on the ground floor (PT) of 590 square meters. divided between offices, laboratories, warehouse, warehouse and processing area. On the first floor (1st FT) room of 460 square meters. divided between offices, laboratories, archive, etc etc. The building on the ground floor is raised above the ground by a height suitable for loading / unloading vehicles at the side of the truck. The proposal is completed by 4 parking spaces in the inner courtyard offered at the price of 15,000 euros each.

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---> Codice <---:  1796
---> Motivazione <---:  Sell
---> Tipologia <---:  Shed
Region:  Piemonte
---> Provincia <---:  Torino
---> Comune <---:  Torino
---> frazione <---:  Mirafiori nord
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <---:  € 499.000
---> Totale_mq <---:  1.400 sm
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