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Fiminter Immobili is a real estate brokerage and consulting company specialized in managing the sale, purchase,
lease and valuation of residential, industrial and commercial properties.
Founded in 1984, it offers a wide range of high quality services to individuals, businesses and investors.
Thanks to a team of professionals with consolidated experience, Fiminter Immobili follows the customer for all types and sizes of properties.

  • Fiminter torino

    Fiminter Immobili plans real estate strategies and applies methodologies aimed at creating real estate value.

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  • Fiminter bardonecchia

    Fiminter Properties Bardonecchia offers the right solutions for holidays and mountain stays.

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  • AGPI fiminter

    A.G.P.I. manages assets and services for the condominium administration of residential, industrial and commercial properties.

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  • Unica

    Fiminter Immobili is a founding partner of UNICA, the operating network that unites numerous real estate brokerage companies.

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